We went to a taster session with Linda because we’d heard that Linda’s classes could be really beneficial to someone with anxiety around birth.  We didn’t expect anything near the amazing difference she would make to how we felt about the birth of our first baby in just the 3 hours we spent with her that night.  We had taken an NCT course which was ok, but we felt that in just those 3 hours with Linda we came away feeling so much more confident about the birth.  Unfortunately for us we had left it too late to do the full course but felt so confident that if we could tap into the knowledge and passion she had, we would be looking forward to birth, not dreading it,  so we booked her as our birth doula.  Linda has so much knowledge, so much passion, so much empathy! it’s just amazing really, how can one person make so much difference in just one week?  Due to some unexpected circumstances we were to realise that booking Linda as our doula was the very best decision we’ve ever made. Linda was amazing!! She helped us through what could have been a very negative time without her support.  Instead my wife had an empowering birth which left her feeling elated, not only at the arrival of our much yearned for, much loved son, but also elated that she could actually enjoy the memories of a challenging birth experience with so much positivity a lovely memories of being supported and loved.  My only wish is that we’d had time to do the full course with Linda as we can’t help but wonder if it would have made even more of a difference.  We’ll never know, but THANK YOU Linda from the bottoms of our hearts.

SB Buckingham

We welcomed our first child into the world just over 3 weeks ago and we used so many tools taught by Linda to have a positive birthing experience. We were calm & relaxed and the midwives kept asking during labour if my fiancé Suzie could come back to teach other mothers to be!  Our birth plan along with the MP3’s, combined with the pure focus / calmness/ determination of Suzie helped bring Isabelle into the world beautifully. We would truly recommend Linda and the Hippobirthing course, for helping us to be prepared, informed, confident and excited about the birth.

JE Olney

Thank you for you dedicated support and love throughout my pregnancy and during the birth of darling *****.  Your kindness, warmth, knowledge and devotion to us have surpassed anything that I could have expected when we started this journey together, and I am so grateful to you for helping us to have the birth that we wanted. With much love and affection.

JS Olney

I just want to say that I had an amazing, relaxing, and pain free birth thanks to Linda and the hypnobirthing techniques learnt on her course. I couldn’t recommend the course or Linda highly enough and I can honestly say I didn’t feel any pain throughout my birth. It’s amazing what a woman’s mind and body has the ability to achieve when it has the right tools and belief! At times I felt Linda was there in my birthing room with me reminding me of things I’d learnt from the course which shows how powerful hypnobirthing can be as she was miles away on holiday. My birth was so much quicker than my first child and I only used a tens machine alongside hypnobirthing and water and my baby arrived very chilled out and relaxed at home and has stayed that way 5 weeks later. I couldn’t ask for anymore and look back on my birth wishing I could do it all again!

JF Milton Keynes

Linda’s positive passion and woman centred approach put both my partner and I at ease and empowered us to find the right birth for us on the day. Linda has a very holistic approach and brings her knowledge, experience and a variety of tools together to help birthing mother’s approach birthing feeling positive, calm and in control. Linda has good links with the Milton Keynes hospital through the various boards and committees she is part of and we found her insights very helpful. This was our second experience of hypnobirthing and Linda brought so much more to the experience than just the hypnobirthing tools! Thanks Linda!

AK Milton Keynes

What can I say? Couldn’t have got through my tough pregnancy without Linda. I was riddled with anxiety and had constant questions, she was always there and did her upmost to reply (at all hours of the night whoops!) and support us. Very patient and understanding and one of the most generous people I have met. Couldn’t recommend more! Thank you again!

AM Milton Keynes

My beautiful baby girl ****** ***** arrived this morning at 7:38 weighing 6lb3. I used the hypnobirthing and thought “bring it on” for each contraction and imagined a beautiful sandy beach with the waves for my contractions and it helped massively. I was only in labour for about an hour and a half and barely made the hospital! Was a great birth experience though. You asked out of 10 how scared of birth we were (10) – I’d now say I’m a 0. I felt so empowered, I have dreaded it the whole pregnancy if I’m honest – now completely the opposite and could do it again! 😊  Thank you for your help!

MT Milton Keynes

Linda is a genuinely caring person with empathy for expectant mothers. I have been attending the wise hippo sessions with her on a 1-2-1 basis and can honestly say that she is 100% committed to her work and definitely gives you the confidence you need. I am so lucky and grateful to have found her and can say that you are blessed if you have the chance of meeting her and gaining her help with your birthing journey.

DN Milton Keynes

We are midway our journey with Linda in welcoming our beautiful baby girl to the world any day now! My husband and I first met Linda only a month ago and have gone from both feeling anxious and nervous about the birth to calm, relaxed and extremely excited! Could not recommend the Wise Hippo Birthing programme enough and I truly cannot believe the transformation in my thoughts and feelings towards birth and beyond – v powerful stuff! Linda is also going to be our doula and I view her as my guardian angel sent from above! She is so unbelievably nurturing and has taken so much time and energy to get to know my husband and I, really listen to us and help us explore what is right for us to help us get the right birth for us on the day. We have gone from nervous parents to be automatically going down the hospital route to now planning a natural water birth at home! And even when a ‘curveball’ was sent our way recently she did everything in her power to ensure everything is going to be OK – a truly inspiring lady I can tell you! We can’t thank Linda enough for everything and I’m really looking forward to unleashing my inner birth goddess as she calls it! Bring it on! Linda you’re simply the best! Xxx

VH-J Milton Keynes

Going from once thinking I couldn’t possibly have my own child because I was totally scared of the birth part, to now being 35 weeks pregnant and actually looking forward to it, is all down to Linda and her classes. I feel confident in not only what I have to do but also reassured that my partner has his duties also, so we are both going to be doing this 🙂

RJ Olney

Me and hubby went along to Linda’s taster session this morning and wow what an amazing 3 hours! Although I’ve had 2 previous pregnancies, both of which were extremely different, I wanted to learn additional techniques to help me feel calm and relaxed whilst birthing my baby. The information Linda provided was invaluable of which the explanations and reasoning behind how the body works was just amazing. Now instead of feeling apprehension I’m actually excited to be going into this experience again. I am looking forward to using the techniques I’ve been taught today to see the difference my body makes when I’m in a relaxed state. Thank you so much Linda, myself and Ross found the session so beneficial and totally mind blowing. The explanations you gave made so much sense. Thank you so much for giving up ur time for something u have such a passion about! U really are making a difference and I look forward to sharing my experiences with u!

L & R Milton Keynes

Linda supported me in preparing me and my husband for the 2 births of our daughters. Both births were wonderful and dare I say it, a pleasure. They were calm, beautifully paced and the pain completely manageable. As far I am am concerned it is the way to go for any mum and baby.

BR Bournemouth

My husband and I had done a Hypnobirthing course in Singapore, where we were living at the time, before the birth of our first son. On moving back to the UK I fell pregnant again and decided to do a ‘refresher’ class with Linda. She was very thorough and covered everything that we had forgotten or that needed clarifying. Although it was a short refresher session it was very useful and we learnt things that we hadn’t the first time around’.

CH Milton Keynes

Linda was the hypnobirthing instructor for my daughter Lilly. Going into the programme, both me and Lilly’s mum were unsure and uneasy about all aspects to the pregnancy, and ultimately, the labour. Linda was amazing! She started with asking us what we feared most, and through each week, she helped us understand that there’s nothing to be worried about and different techniques to help relieve stress and anxiety. When it came to the labour, we were confident and clear about what we wanted and expected from the delivery. It went so well, the midwife had to ask when contractions were happening, because they couldn’t tell from looking. Afterwards, we had a happy, content, unstressed little lady, ready for her first nights sleep at home. I couldn’t recommend Linda enough, if you’re on the fence about a practise that is seen to be “wishy washy” in the past, just have one conversation with Linda, and you’ll see what I’m talking about 🙂

SW Milton Keynes

I am not the kind of person who avoids painkillers for a headache or anything, so to make it through my labour and delivery with virtually nothing (2 puffs of gas & air) was a surprise to me and to my partner! I signed up to hypnobirthing because I believed that heading towards d-day with a positive attitude and mental strength could only help, and overcoming any fear of the pain of contractions would surely make them easier to handle and shorten the labour. Linda confirmed all these things but also explained the benefit to my baby who would experience a calmer birth and therefore be a happier baby. Otis maintained a steady heartbeat throughout my labour and was very alert when he entered the world. Linda was with us during the labour and delivery – we arrived at hospital at around 8pm and Otis was born at 11.15pm – and she was such a brilliant support to us. But the biggest benefit for us is that Otis is so easy to care for! At less than 3 weeks old he slept for 6 hours straight, and during the night too! He breastfeeds easily and also gained weight at his first weigh-in, which I’m told is very unusual. I never expected motherhood to be this easy and I’m so grateful we signed up to hypnobirthing and Linda as our hypnotherapist.

CM Milton Keynes

Linda was an absolutely amazing doula for us, supporting us through the stillbirth of our baby son Lewis ‘Louie’. As soon as I spoke to Linda on the telephone the night before I was to go into hospital to give birth to my stillborn baby, I knew I needed her there. I felt so much more confident about what lay ahead of me knowing Linda was to be there with us. Linda provided not only emotional support for both myself and my husband Tim, but also practical help, helping in activities that would have been really stressful for Tim and myself to do in the hours before or after giving birth. With Linda’s help, I gave birth to our baby boy without any pain relief. Linda also was able to handle Louie as he got more fragile as the hours passed, allowing us and our families to cuddle our ‘sleeping’ son.
Tim and I have so many positive and happy memories of our time with our baby in hospital. There was so much positivity and love in that room which he brought us – like a ray of sunshine shining down on us. But it was down to Linda that made those memories even to exist. We feel that our time in hospital with our baby son would have been so very different if Linda had not been there.
CB Warwick
Linda was our hypnobirthing instructor, in which she helped me and my boyfriend Chris prepare for the birth of our son Harlan, on the day I was calm and relaxed as I had hoped to be. Linda was also my doula, she supported me and Chris throughout my labour and birth, I am so happy she was there and I would definitely recommend her to anyone. Linda has so much knowledge when it comes to all things pregnancy and birth related that anyone in her care would benefit from her services. Thank you Linda once again xxx
HS Milton Keynes
Cannot WAIT to go in to labour (currently 36 weeks) and my lovely partner and I feel so supported and calm – all thanks to Linda! No anxieties, stress or worries – we’re just so excited! We did Linda’s hypnobirthing classes mid-way through pregnancy and have since decided to use Linda as our doula because she was just so great. Thank you for everything! Liane & Dwayne (&baby!) XXx
LH Milton Keynes