Royal Hypnobirth?

The Royal Hypnobirth?


The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton gave birth to a baby boy on St George’s Day 2018, what an appropriate birthday, quite fitting for a royal baby.  Huge congratulations to the entire family, I do so hope they are given the privacy they deserve at this very special time. New parenthood it hard enough without the scrutiny of the media.

There is much speculation from the media that Kate Middleton used Hypnobirthing for the birth of all three of her children, which is why she has had calm and positive births, and been able to put in an appearance on the steps of the Lindo Wing within hours of each birth.

Whilst I have wondered the same myself, and would be totally delighted if that was the case, I also feel that this is the royal couples private business and I’m sure they will tell the world IF and when THEY want to.

The Independent decided to explain what Hypnobirthing is. Whilst there is a lot of correct information in their article, and it is quite informative, Hypnobirthing is about so much more than this.  However, it does give an outline, so if you would like to read the article  you can find it here.