Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations for Birth

Giving up control of our mind and trusting our bodies to work naturally is not something we do often, maybe only when we embark on a physical challenge such as running a marathon or when we ’empty our mind’ to meditate.  Labour and birth is  time when the mind can get in the way and stop the body from performing a normal, natural process.

Your mind is the most valuable tool that you can call upon during your labour.  Your body knows how to birth your baby, but for you to birth calmly, comfortably and effectively you have to move your mind out of the way and allow your birthing body to do it’s job and birth your baby.

Below is a video of positive affirmations for birth.  Spending 10 minutes a day relaxing whilst watching this video, and reading the affirmations aloud will help you to prepare your mind for a positive birth.

Another way to prepare your mind for a positive birth is to read through the affirmations that follow, choose a few that really resonate with you and then ‘create’ them to place around the house as a constant reminder that birth truly is a normal, natural event, your body does know how to birth your baby, and you do deserve a positive birth experience.

Positive Birth Affirmations

  • I trust my body to know how to birth
  • I trust my instincts to do what is best for my baby
  • Baby knows best
  • As I gently progress through labour and birth I go deeper into relaxation and calmness
  • Birthing is a natural process of my body, my mind and my spirit working in unison with my baby
  • Each surge brings me closer to meeting my baby
  • With each breathe out I breathe out tension and stress
  • I am a strong and capable woman
  • My body knows how to birth my baby
  • I Listen to my body and instinct
  • I deserve to have the birth I desire
  • I trust my body and my baby to work in perfect harmony
  • I trust my labour to progress at exactly the right speed
  • My pelvis releases and opens as have those of countless women before me
  • My baby knows all is well
  • As my labour develops, my relaxation deepens and my body softens and opens wider
  • With each breath in I break in relaxation and comfort, peace and trust
  • I trust the natural process of birth working gently throughout my and and my baby
  • I approach my babies birth with optimism and confidence
  • Good strong surges help my baby come into the world
  • My body contains all the knowledge necessary to give birth to my baby
  • My baby knows how and when to be born
  • Birth is a safe and wonderful experience
  • My baby will be born healthy and at the perfect time
  • I know my baby feels our calmness and confidence.
  • I trust in my ability to give birth.
  • My body knows exactly what it is doing.
  • I am confident in my ability to birth naturally, painlessly and easily.
  • During labour and birth, I am completely relaxed and comfortable.
  • I will have an uncomplicated, peaceful, joyous and pleasurable birth.
  • I am completely cooperating with my body.
  • I will breathe deeply and slowly to relax my muscles making it easier for my uterus to work.
  • My body is made to give birth, nice and easy.
  • I believe my baby’s birth will come quickly and easily.
  • My body is completely relaxed.
  • All I need to do is relax and breathe – nothing else.
  • Everything is going right.
  • I feel the strong waves of labour and know that everything is normal and progressing.
  • I relax my mind and muscles.
  • My body knows how to have this baby just as my body knew how to grow this baby.
  • Keep breathing slow and even. Inhale peace, exhale tension.
  • I surrender my birthing over to my baby and my body.
  • My body has a wide-open space for my baby to descend.
  • My body will give birth in its own time.
  • I love my baby and I am doing all that is necessary to bring about a healthy birth.
  • Birth is an easy and natural occurrence for which my body has been perfectly designed.
  • The strength of my uterine surge is a sign of my feminine strength.
  • I surrender to the surges and relinquish control of the forces within my body.
  • I allow my body’s natural anaesthesia to flow through my body.
  • The power and intensity of my surges cannot be stronger than me, because it is me.
  • I am ready and prepared for childbirth.
  • My job is to simply relax and allow the birth to happen.
  • Just let my body do it; let it happen.
  • Birth will go exactly as it should.
  • Relax and breathe and do nothing else.
  • Labor is hard work and you can do it.