Course Types

Courses Types

Relax, Breathe & Birth sessions: These are held on a regular basis at Blakelands, at a cost of £25.  This is a 3 hour ‘stand alone’ information session where you will learn tools to help you achieve a calm and confident birth. It is also a taster as to what to expect from a full Wise Hippo Birthing Programme course.


Birth Matters MK courses are run as 4 x 2.5 hour plus 30 minutes each class for Q&A and to provide complimentary information.  Each different course starts approximately every 5 weeks but there is usually a ‘Week 1’ starting on one day of every week.

Weekday classes: Please see next tab for dates.

Weekend classes:  Saturday and Sunday classes are available by private arrangement in your own home or my therapy room in Blakelands.  Please email for information.

Skype classes:  These were originally set up for ex-pat’s living abroad, however, I found UK couples were also interested to join Skype classes if they had childcare concerns, or when they were too tired for 3 hour classes in the evening.  Skype classes can be shorter and more frequent, also helping attention span due to ‘baby brain’ 🙂

Private 1-2-1 Classes: These are held at a time and place to suit your schedule. Classes can be at Blakelands or at the couples own home which can be especially useful when you have a family already as it cuts down on babysitting costs and time away from the house. Also useful if you don’t drive as it cuts down on taxi costs.  Private courses have the advantage of enabling you to enjoy tailor made classes with emphasis on the content to suit your personal circumstances, rather than following the workbook to the letter.

Private Small Group Classes:  Get together with another couple(s) and enjoy classes scheduled at the convenience of the group.  Classes can be arranged for groups of friends of 2 or more couples at either your home or in Blakelands.

Special Circumstances:  Private classes are particularly suitable if you have specific medical considerations, are expecting a rainbow baby, have had a previous traumatic birth which needs de-briefing first, or if you are planning a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), HBAC (Home birth after cesarean),  Elective C-Section or are expecting twins or multiples.

Flexibility: If the course that suits your baby’s expected due date includes a date when you are not available, please let me know as it is often possible to attend an alternative groups class for just that class, or if not, a private session can be arranged (extra cost).

Crash Courses: Have you found out about Hypnobirthing a little late?  I can arrange a ‘crash course’ with you to cover the main things you need to know.  Even at 40 weeks you can benefit from learning a few tools.


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