Birth Trauma

Birth Trauma

Did you have a traumatic birth? Do you still have flashbacks, dreams or intrusive thoughts about your birth?

The majority of women come to terms with their childbirth experience within a month, however around 20% will experience post-traumatic stress disorder.

Linda Wardlaw is a fully qualified Birth Trauma Resolution Practitioner. This is a Royal College of Midwives and also Human Givens accredited qualification in Birth Trauma Resolution.

‘Birth Trauma Resolution’ uses an ‘enhanced for birth trauma’ form of Human Givens treatment used for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in soldiers coming back from war. The Rewind Technique is an effective approach for working with PTSD and works quickly by changing a damaging, emotionally-charged memory to an ordinary memory without the distressing emotional attachment.

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“After having a very negative birth experience I had developed a fear of giving birth again and when I got pregnant with my second one I was so sure I was going for a c-section. Then I came across Linda and had a Birth Trauma session with her and I can say with hand on my heart that now when someone asks me about my first birth experience I can tell the story without any negative emotions attached to it. I feel free of all the grief, which the story used to bring back to surface. I am now training for Hypnobirthing with Linda and feel very safe and excited and can’t wait to give birth to my second child 🙂 especially since I have asked her to be my doula and the thought that she will be by my side is very comforting. I can’t thank Linda enough.”
AG Milton Keynes

“I sought Linda out after my second traumatic birth. I’ve suffered with anxiety for many years and after a complicated first pregnancy and a birth that left me traumatised, i saw those anxiety levels rocket to a new high. So when I experienced the same with my second pregnancy and birth, I was in a really bad place. I’d been to IAPT after baby number 1 and I went for counselling whilst I was pregnant with number 2. Neither helped. Then I found Linda…she has completely changed my life, within about 3 sessions! I’m now on number 5 and it just keeps getting better and better. She helped me deal with the trauma of both my births in just 1 session alone. I continued to see her to try and deal with my anxiety in general and some others issues, and after each session I just felt different and I think differently. I do not consider myself to be someone who suffers with anxiety anymore, which is unbelievable. She’s totally changed me and I will be forever grateful. I can’t explain how what she does works so well and so fast, all I know is that it does (there’s a science to it and she’s amazing at explaining everything to you). I’m pretty sure though that she sprinkles some magic on me when I’m deep in relaxation, because I don’t know how else to explain it! All those years of suffering and it turns out Linda was all I needed, I just wish I’d found her sooner. Everyone should see her! Thank you for the magic Linda x”                  KH Milton Keynes

“I met Linda at a hypnobirthing taster session she was running in January 2017 – I realised quickly that she was the person we would like to have as our doula at our next baby’s birth. When Linda came to meet my husband and I, I explained the circumstances surrounding my first baby’s birth in 2013, and how I was really struggling with anxiety about having such a tough recovery again post birth – I had been very ill and felt let down by the hospital both at at the time and afterwards. Linda suggested as part of our hypnobirthing/doula relationship that she did a birth trauma session, where she would gently guide me in hypnosis and help me rewind back to the birth trauma. This session took about an hour or two. We started by me giving a very detailed description of a lovely relaxing safe place surrounded by nature and I also went through the details of how I had been let down after my daughter’s birth. At times I was emotional – however this had all been on my mind for years, and I was feeling very upset and anxious anyway. Under hypnosis Linda helped me to review the trauma, in a way that meant I saw it in a different light. It is part of the story of our family, and shall always remain there – however I don’t feel any real emotion when I think about or discuss it anymore. Previously I had felt let down, sad that the first weeks of my baby’s life were spent in hospital with a very poorly mum; and also worried about whether history would repeat itself. The best bit of this story is that I was able to let the subconscious fear and anxiety go, so that I can look forward to my next baby’s birth knowing that it will be a very different experience, and one that I am really excited about! Thanks Linda, for all your support!”                                                                              PM Milton Keynes